What was once a three-day process can be concluded in just twenty-four hours. Liberty Marine of Charleston now has the capability of cleaning your fuel injectors with only a one-day turnaround.

We offer fuel injection cleaning and testing- so at the end of your boat's visit, the working fuel injectors are working even better. Then we'll pinpoint the ones that aren't, so you can quickly replace them and get your engine running cleaner and faster. The results will be presented to you in a full print out, pointing out each injector both strength and weaknesses. Answering all your questions here at our shop.
Why clean your fuel injectors?
- Increase Performance
- Lower Fuel Consumption
- Faster Engine Response
- Longer Lasting Engines

Liberty Marine uses an ultrasonic fuel injector service. Ultrasonic cleaning gets the fuel injectors flowing back to factory spec for better atomization of the fuel. More power! Better throttle response!

Questions? Call us, and we'll answer.

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