100 Hours or 6 Months - B
Initial 10 Hours - A
Fuel Filter Cleaning or Replacement -  A, B, C
Fuel System Inspection - A, C
Integral Portable Fuel Tank/Fitting Inspection - D
Throttle Link Inspection and Adjustment - A, C
Idle Speed Inspection and Adjustment - A, C
Spark Plug Cleaning or Replacement - A, B,  C
Remote Oil Tank Filter Replacement - 
Engine Oil Tank Level Sensor Inspection and Cleaning - D
Oil Tank Water Drain Inspection - A, C, Monthly
Oil Pump Inspection and Adjustment - A, C
PTT Inspection and Greasing - A, B, C 
Wiring Connections Inspection and Reconnection - A, B, C
Battery Inspection - A, C, Monthly
Bonding Wires Inspection and Repair - D
External Anode Inspection and Replacement - A Adjustment and Retorque B, C
Grease Points Greasing Engine - A, C, Every Month
Gear Oil Change - A, C
Bolts and Nuts Re-Tightening - A, B,  C
Top Cowling Latch Inspection and Adjustment - A, D
Internal Anode Inspection and Replacement - Salt water and acidic applications
Propeller Inspection and Removal / Greasing - A, B, C
Motor Exterior Inspection - A, B, C 
Exhaust and or Water Passage Leakage Inspection - A, B, C
Cooling Passages Flushing - After Every Use, A, C
Water Pump Inspection or Replacement - D
Thermostat Inspection Or Replacement - D
Cylinder Head Retorque - A, D
All Water Jacket Covers Retorque - A, D
Pressure Relief Valve Inspection - D
Flywheel Nut Inspection - A
Service Frequency Chart
200 Hours or 1 Year - D
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50 Hours or 3 Months C
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Liberty Marine takes great care and pride in its preventative maintenance schedule, making sure your boat motor is consistently at its tip top performance.  The chart below describes how thorough we are on your boats engine performance.

Our own PMS – Proactive Maintenance Schedule.